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Do you want to donate to the Tank Museum?
Do you want a subscription on Tank Museum News?
Are you a model builder and want access to first grade reference material?
You want to actively participate as a volunteer on the vehicles?
Or just simply become a member to enjoy all the advantages?

Send us your contribution and immediately have all the perks.


Everybody! If you live in Belgium or abroad does not matter. We have members from all over the world and proud of it.

First of all you will get Tank Museum News 4 times year. You can participate at the study trips. You will be invited for the Tank show (Fasten). You have access to the CEDOC and you get a discount in the Royal Army Museum shop.

Member or effective member?
The first time you make your contribution you become a member, you have all the advantages but you do not have a vote in the general meeting. You will not be able to become a board member.
However after one year of membership, you can put in a request for effective membership. You then have a vote in the general meeting.

These are the active members. They restore and maintain the vehicle collection of the RAM. They do not require any special skills, some healthy enthusiasm and mechanical and historical interest in these vehicles will put you on your way.

The activities of the volunteers are demanding. They sacrifice a great deal of their spare time for “their” vehicles, but they have the privilege to bring these beasts of war back to life. More info?
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To become a volunteer, you have to be member. So pay up your contribution.
By being a member you are covered by insurance as soon as you enter the depots.
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Membership fee.
You are convinced and want to become a member? You have made the right decision!

For 1 year membership you pay:
€ 17 for normal or effective member living in Belgium
€ 27 for normal or effective member living in Europe
€ 32 for normal or effective member living outside Europe

How to pay?
By simple bank transfer:
Belgium: account 310-0218127-60
International money transfer: IBAN: 7331002181 2760 BIC: BBRUBEBB

Please state your name and full address on the transfer.
If possible add the message: Subscription (name+ first name) website
(this way we know you subscribed trough the site)

More info? Contact the Tankmuseum administration.
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We hope you subscribe, so we can welcome you as a member.