The CEDOC (centre de documentation-documentatiecentrum) is located on the premises of the Royal Army museum and comprises a remarkable collection of documents. These documents about tanks and armoured vehicles from all around the world are available for researchers, journalists, publicists and model builders to name a few..

The bulk of the documents are made up by technical manuals. Those are not only TM’s about vehicles but also on weapons systems and other equipment. Although most of them are on equipment used by Belgian armed forces, TM’s of for instance Russian equipment also gradually became part of the collection.



There is also an extensive library of publications on the subject of tanks and armoured vehicles. This library is continuously updated and expanded.

Last but not least there is the photo collection. The archive is filled with historic pictures.
They give a vivid overview of the history of the Belgian armoured forces, containing photos of the Renault FT-17, T-13, ACG-1,M24, Leopard 1,…. These are but a few examples of pictures of the thousands in the collection.

The library.

The photo library.

The CEDOC is freely accessible for our members, for other parties it is possible that an administrative fee is charged.
If you have any questions about or for the CEDOC do not hesitate to contact one of the responsible people. They are at your service on Tuesday and Thursday.
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You can consult the documentation yourself after making an appointment, or copies can be sent to you for a reasonable fee.
CEDOC also evolves with technical advances, so slowly but steadily parts of the collection are being stored in an electronic format. This allows us to send info by e-mail.

If you have any info, photos, documentation or other publications which you want to give a useful destination, do not hesitate to contact CEDOC, and add your share to the collection.

ACG-1-photo out of our collection.