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Institutions we closely co-operate with:

Royal Army Museum.
Website of the army museum in Brussels. Get acquainted with the impressive collection of medieval harnesses, weapons, uniforms, paintings, tanks, airplanes and even ships..

Belgian cavalry.
Very interesting website of the Belgian cavalry. Here you can find info about their history and units as well about their equipment, old and new. Also worth a look, the photo gallery of their events.

Belgian Army.
The source for any info on the 4 components that make up the Belgian defence forces.

Other tank museums.
A (non-complete) list of tank museums in other countries.

Bovington Tank Museum (GB).
One of the most well known tank museums of the world. It comprises a very impressive collection, with most of them still operational. Most well known item: Tiger I.

Musée des blindés de Saumur (F).
This museum is at the top of its class. Besides an extensive and unique collection of French tanks it also holds several operational German WW2 tanks. Top piece an operational Panther!

Deutsches Panzermuseum Munster (D).
The Deutsches Panzermuseum stands out by its large and complete collection of German vehicles (what else?). But also holds several foreign items, like their latest addition: Merkava I.

Kubinka Tank Museum (RUS).
By far the most legendary. Their collection holds some of the most rare examples like the Maus, Mörser Karl, Objekt 279,… only the lucky few get to visit it.

Pansarmuseet Axvall (SWE).
If you get to Sweden it is worthwhile a visit. Catch a glimpse of Swedish tank design, S-tank being the most eye-catching. This museum will move shortly to Strängnäs near Stockholm.

Cavaleriemuseum Amersfoort (NL).
See the history from horse to Leopard2. The museum is part of the Cavalry school.
Panssarimuseo Parola (FIN).
Very interesting museum sited in an incredible setting. Due to the special Finnish role during WW2 it houses quite some German and Russian vehicles. Highly recommended!!

Member sites.
A selection of sites created by some of our members and volunteers.
Tankmuseum or RAM are not responsible for the content of these sites.

Combat Camel.
Volunteer Frederic Lo Cascio tells the story of the Sherman 76mm.
Recommended for photo’s from inside and outside the Combat Camel as well of the events in which it took part.

Sherman Firefly.
Part of the collection in Kapellen, volunteer Fons Paulussen set up a site about his Firefly project. Also includes a lot of other vehicles of the depot.

Jagdpanzer Kanone.
Another site from Fons, this one about his new project, the JPK.

Volunteer and board member Kris Zwiers aided on the restoration of the Staghound. He made this site to have look up close.
M22 Locust.
This site shows the day by day progress of the restoration of this unique piece.
Volunteer and board member Peter Mutton compiled a large amount of info and pictures on the subject.