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The Vissenaken depot is situated a couple of kilometres of Tienen. Before WW2 this used to be a reserve airfield of the air force. After WW2 the site was converted to a mobilisation depot for the mobilisation core 29. These forces had 5 more depots at their disposal in the area.

Until 1993 the depot was used for storage of artillery equipment, which in case of war could be used. After the units for whom this equipment was reserved were dissolved, the depot was cleared out. It stayed uninhabited until 2000 when the depot was handed over to the RAM. From that date on is functions as external storage and also as workshop for the volunteers that remained in Brussels. The group of volunteers grew and they now occupy 2 hangars on the premises.

Sadly, the depot needs to be closed, the volunteers will move to another depot in Landen in the course of 2009.

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